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process without personal coaching

3 big and important steps

first step | idea development and planning

Idea development

Sparring and brainstorming to improve:
The product
The organization
Marketing and sales
Growth plans

Planning | The business plan
Mission, vision and values
Personal affairs
Product description
Market analysis
Growth and development
Organizational description

second step | excecution of plans

Practical tasks
Corporate registration
VAT registration
Business bank account application
Consultant search and agreements
Business partner search and agreements
Initial marketing and sales
Employee search and agreements
Terms and conditions
Purchase of merchandise
Location search
Opening day preparations

Third step | start the business and evaluate

Start the business
Your company is now off to a great start. It’s all up to you now.

Could we have done anything better?
Which parts of the process worked out?
What didn’t?
Did we learn anything valuable?

Process with personal coaching

Get personally prepared and become the ultimate entrepreneur
who's able to do all the hard work before and after starting your business

 Initial session
By talking with you, your consultant will find out what your greatest personal barriers are
and plan your process up untill the start of your business

Find your passion
Searching for and finding the one passion that will drive you forward the rest of your business life

Get rid of your excuses
Finding and getting rid of excuses that stand in the way of your effectiveness

Find your motivations
Finding your motivations that will drive you to action

Avoid/Solve dilemmas
Every startup owner meets dilemmas
Your consultant will work with you do avoid those og solve them

Time management
Become better at time management and become an effective entrepreneur

Take control of your own life
Get important tools that will help you take control of your life

Learn how to work with and for other persons
You will be optimized to become the best teammember with everyone connected to your business

Start your business
Process exactly like “Process without personal coaching”


without personal Coaching

50.000 DKK plus VAT

With personal coaching

70.000,- DKK plus VAT

what's in it for me?

your gains when you buy this service

personal support from idea to start

firstly, it’s hard to start a business, especially when you start it on yourself

With this service, you’ll get a consultant that also is your personal support
in other words, you will get the help you need

practical help

For your gain, you’ll also get help doing the hard, practical work
which means that you don’t get to do all the hard work alone

Your consultant is your coworker whom you can delegate tasks to
helping you start your business

Develop your business idea

Furthermore, you get a chance to develop your business idea,
and doing so securing the best start possible of your dream business

You also get a chance to improve all of your organization through the consulting process,
making it ready to stand against upcoming challenges

map the startup and operation proccesses

With a business plan available to you, you have a map
which you can use to the startup and operation processes

If any changes occur, you just update the business plan
and set a new course for your business

optimize yourself

Lastly, with the process including personal coaching,
you’ll get yourself ready to meet any barriers before you start your business

To start a business, and be successful in doing so, is no easy task,
but with the coaching process you will be able to meet any upcoming challenges


find answers to your questions

What's the time frame of the processes?

It depends on so many things. first, it depends on you.
What is your deadline of starting the business? How much work have you already done?

Furthermore, it can depend on:
The corporate setup and form
The industry and market that you are penetrating with your business
The amount of planned activities in the startup process

who covers the costs

You do, of course
The fee that you pay Startup Consulting only covers the consulting and practical help processes

Other costs can be:
Opening a busines bank account
Other consultants (accountants and legal advisors)
Deposit and rent
Marketing and sales
Purchase of stock and merchandise
Equipment and programs

is it possible to meet with you physically?​?

To be able to offer you the best prices, we offer only online consulting.
It makes it possible to effectively use the available timespan.

However, if you demand the physical presence of your consultant,
you will have to pay for transport and stay of the consultant.

how and when do i get my costumer benefits?

You can, at any time, tell your consultant which benefits you want to get,
after you have paid for your service.

Read more about your benefits.

is it possible for my company to become a part of the costumer benefits?

We are happy to help our customers in any way, including in the marketing area.

As a client of Startup Consulting, your business is automatically qualified to be a part of the costumer benefits.
talk with your consultant about the how and when.

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