Personal coaching


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get prepared and become the ultimate entrepreneur
who's able to do all the hard work before and after starting your business

 Initial Session
Your consultant will in coorporation with you find out what your greatest personal barriers are and create a plan for
your process with the personal coaching up untill the start of your business

Find your passion
Searching for and finding the one passion which will drive you forward the rest of your life

Get rid of your excuses
Finding and getting rid of excuses that stand in the way of your effectiveness

Find your motivations
Finding your motivations that will drive you to action

Avoid/Solve dilemmas
Every startup owner meets dilemmas
Your consultant will work with you do avoid those og solve them

Time management
Become better at time management and become an effective entrepreneur

Take control of your own life
Get important tools that will help you take control of your life

Learn how to work with and for other persons
You will be optimized to become the best teammember with everyone connected to your business


25.000DKK plus VAT

what's in it for me?

what you gain by having a personal coach from Startup Consulting

get optimized

With a personal coaching process, you are personally ready
for all future challenges in your business and personal life

Entrepreneurship, and succeeding in it, is no easy task,
but with the coaching process, you will be optimized to handle all challenges

become a better person

Your personal coach will help and
transform you into a better version of yourself

As a better person, your customers,
your business partners and everyone else

who is related to you will love working with you
Something you will be able to see in your results!

become an effective machine

A large part of the coaching process is about
to make you a more effective person

 By removing excuses, finding your motivations

and get tools to manage your time better,
You become of those, people you know,
who noone has any idea of
where they get the time to do all the things they do


Answers to your questions

what's the time frame of the process?

It’s mostly depend on yourself.
Most of all, it’s about how quickly you can change your own habits and change your mindset.

There can be a weekly interview with a total timespan of 1.5-2 months
for interviews which occur every other week a total course of twice the time frame can be expected.

can you guarantee that it will work for me?

How willing are you to change yourself ?
How hard will you work for it?

Your personal coach’s job is to give you tools so you can drive yourself to action.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to take all the advices and ensure that you become a better version of yourself.
In short, no guarantees from Startup Consulting; It’s all up to yourself.

is it possible to meet with you physically?

To be able to offer you the best prices, we offer only online consulting.
It makes it possible to effectively use the available timespan.

However, if you demand the physical presence of your consultant,
you will have to pay for transport and stay of the consultant.

how and when do i get my costumer benefits?

You can, at any time, tell your consultant which benefits you want to get,
after you have paid for your service.

Read more about your benefits.

is it possible for my company to become a part of the costumer benefits? ?

We are happy to help our customers in any way, including in the marketing area.

As a client of Startup Consulting, your business is automatically qualified to be a part of the costumer benefits.
talk with your consultant about the how and when.

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