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Earn the Money which You Spend at Startup Consulting by Taking Advantage of Your Customer Benefits.


Salary - Salary Payment System | 50% off the First 6 Months

Salary is the salary payment system everybody can understand and use. Both the accountant and the business owner can run the salary payment routine and provide payment slips the employees can understand. The vast user friendliness makes it difficult to make mistakes and ensures a fast and effective salary payment administration.

With Salary you'll get:
Automatic reporting and payment to the tax authorities, ATP, holiday pay and pension
Automatic accounting in leading accounting programs
Intuitive and user-friendly experience, all the way through
Employee app for outlays, holidays, time registration and work related driving
Free 0-Gratis 0-reporting, automatically
Real-time salary overview
• Lightening speed support
• Non-binding periods

Switch to Salary with a few clicks
We've made it simple to move your data to Salary. If you have many employees, you can in most cases use our import funktion to move your data securely to Salary with a few clicks. If it's a little more demanding than that, our free moving service will take care of the task and let you get on with your business swiftly.

New customers who switch to Salary can get a saving of 50% the first 6 months through Startup Consulting on both Salary Basic and Premium.


GenieWords | Landing pages, Google Ads and Facebook Ads

GenieWords helps more than 400 small businesses getting new customers through online ads. Our services within Google and Facebook advertising is built for small businesses - the same with our prices.

Clients of Startup Consulting save the set-up fee whick costs 999 DKK and get 600 DKK in grants for advertising. Total value: 1.599 DKK.


Grandhood | Modern and flexible company pension

Grandhood is a flexible company pension for small businesses. We've made it super easy and flexible for you to offer your employees a company pension. All you need to take account for are how many employees are included in the scheme and how much you're going to offer your employees in company pension fee. The empoyees take care of the rest when the company has enlistet them. The employees get a chance to adjust how big a risk they are willing to take, if they want any insurances and whether they want to focus on sustainable investments to grow their pension savings.
That's what we call a hundred per cent voluntary and flexible company pension, tailored to small businesses. All what you pay as a company is 59 DKK a month per employee and our yearly costs per employees is either 0,8% or 1,25% depending of which investment profile you choose. That's among the price-friendliest in the market.

Clients of Startup Consulting save the first three months subscription fee. Value: 177 DKK per employee.

billy_logo_blue | User friendly accounting software platform

Billy is a user friendly and digital accounting software developed for small and medium-sized businesses.

With Billy you can automatize several, dull accounting tasks which save you lots of time which otherwise would be used on manual editing work. Time you can use on concentrating on your business instead.

Billy Premium is easy to get on with, even if you don't have any experience on accounting, and you can easily:

- Send professional invoices
- Settle VAT
- Upload receipts with your smartphone
- Free phone and email support all week
- And much more

Startup Consultings clients get the first year with Billy Premium at half the price of the normal fee.
If you're already using another accounting software, Billy will willingly move your data and get you started for free.


Appmetize | User-friendly appbuilder

Development of mobile apps that are tailored to your own unique business purpose. Anyone can make an app with our user-friendly and Danish developed app builder without being a coding expert.

If you're the do-it-yourself type who loves to create things yourself and like to discover a new universe of opportunities you should try our app builder. You can either start with an empty canvas to make your own app from scratch og use one of our templates that are tailored to specific purposes.

Clients of Startup Consulting save 35% of their first purchace whether if it's a months or a years subscription.


Planway | User-friendly online booking system

Planway is a user-friendly online booking system tailored to spas, physio therapists, hair stylists, masseurs, etc. Our customer base has already reached more than 5.000 users.
With Planway Starter you'll get a free online booking system with basic functionalities like unlimited number of bookings, unlimited number of customer, online payments, stock management and much more.

As a client at Startup Consulting you'll get 3 months of Planway Premium extra when you purchase a month of subcription. Value: 297 DKK.


Refurb | Refurbed IT

Refurb A/S is the leading seller of refurbed IT in Denmark - And we are leading the fight to save the environment by refurbing IT equipment. We buy high-quality deprecated IT equipment from the business community and the public sector - repair it and sell it on the same terms as new IT.

You get a discount of 5 per cent with your next purchase as a client at Startup Consulting.


LegalUp | Your legal safety net

LegalUp is a business law firm that helps companies of all sizes with their legal needs either as a single task or through one of their three subscription solutions.

They are an alternative to the traditional law firm, and offer high quality legal security wirh a fixed price concept where everyone can participate.

Their areas cover, among other things, company formation, contract preparation, HR law, GDPR , general legal advice and task solution.

Clients of Startup Consulting save 15% of the fees covering single tasks or subscriptions og LegalUp.


Aveo | Web and marketing

Aveo is a web and marketing agency that helps businesses with their digital presence.
We are a full-service agency and make it possible that the customer does not need to connect several agencies, but just have one contact.

We want to be there for the customer, help them through the sometimes complex world of online marketing and provide products and services of the highest quality. We create websites and webshops, operate and support them and subsequently market them on Google and social media.

Customers at Startup Consulting get a great deal on a website made by professional web designers at Aveo.


Lendino | Small and medium-sized business loans

Lendino specializes in financing small and medium-sized businesses in a quick and easy way.

Good loaning terms

At Lendino you can borrow up to 5 million DKK which is settled as an annuity loan or bullet loan (no current installments but a large payment at the end of the loan). It is quick to apply online and you will receive an answer within 4 working days. Interest rates are competitive with the bank.

Good service

All companies large and small are treated equally, namely with a high degree of friendliness and service.

As a customer at Startup Consulting, you save 20% of the start-up fee, which goes from 2% to 5% of the loan amount.

simply | Domain and web hosting is one of the largest web hosting providers and handles millions of visits every hour. Here you can buy both your new domain and rent it in the web hotel. has always had a clear philosophy that well-functioning hosting does not have to be either expensive or complicated. All their solutions are put together with a focus on being able to simply and efficiently meet hosting needs, with both individuals and companies.

As a client of Startup Consulting, you get an extra 3 months when you buy a year of web hosting.


A.J. Erhvervsrengøring | Cleaning service in Sjælland

At A.J. Erhvervsrengøring cleaning is a matter of efficiency and a clean environment. Professional cleaning for individuals, businesses, institutions and housing associations - We cover all Sjælland

You can therefore always expect professional cleaning, so you can safely leave the task to us. Our key values are efficiency and development, and we are therefore always ready to start a new task with a smile.

As a client of Startup Consulting, you can get a 15% discount on commercial cleaning.


jP Udlejning | Hele Danmarks festleverandør

JP Udlejning can provide everything from tents, tables and chairs, play activities, food, drinks and food. We deliver throughout Denmark, from the northernmost Jutland to the easternmost Zealand, as well as to all Danish islands. JP Udlejning has many years of experience in delivering anything for parties and events.

We want to make all events unique, and have therefore we specialized in listening and understanding the customer's needs and desires.

As a client of Startup Consulting, you get the opportunity to save 10% to your entire next order at jP Udlejning.


Assersbølgård | Events, konferencecenter og overnatninger

Assersbølgård is Denmark's funniest and best place for holding meetings, conferences and company or private events.

Assersbølgård was renovated in the year 2020, and today forms the framework for Denmark's funniest place for holding meetings, conferences, company and private events.

As a customer of Startup Consulting, you can save 10% on your entire next order at Assersbølgård.

Other important partners

Accountants and auditors


EURO Regnskab | Albertslund

Your professional partner in bookkeeping, accounting and financial advice.

EuroRegnskab offers competent help with bookkeeping, accounts, payroll reporting and advice.

Our two partners together possess more than 25 years of experience and we are always ready to answer your questions if there is anything you are in doubt about.

Service area: Denmark
Services: Bookkeeping, payroll, tax and VAT, annual accounts, consulting, start-up / company, finance and accounting systems.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +45 49 49 47 47


BachBook | Aalborg

Bookkeeping for small businesses and startups.

If you have a bookkeeping that is lame, or in the worst case no bookkeeping, do not be afraid, help is near! I can handle most things, whether it is daily bookkeeping, reconciliations, cash flow analysis, VAT accounting, controlling and business intelligence.
I can free up your scarcest resource, namely time, so that you can spend it on what you are good at and which creates value for your business.

As a customer of Startup Consulting, you get a 15% discount at BachBook the first year.

Service area: Nothern Jylland
Services: Daily bookkeeping, reconciliations, cash flow statements, VAT accounts, preparation for audit, extraction of the financial system and business intelligence
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +45 49 49 47 47


DK Accounting | Aarhus

As a company, we focus on development and constant adaptation to changing environments. We can handle all or part of the accounting and finance function in your business and perform work either in our office or at your place. We like to work in our own accounting programs.

Customers at Startup Consulting can achieve a saving of 15% in the first two months at DK Accounting.

Service area: Denmark
Services: Bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, VAT reconciliation and declaration, payroll administration, payment and reconciliation of creditors, invoicing, debtor management, preparation of budgets, retrieval of refunds, reporting, various ad hoc tasks, preparation for auditor, grant application and reporting in connection with this, for example at the Danish Arts Agency and other government donors and ticketing statistics.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +45 49 49 47 47


AJDO Administration | Aarhus

AJDO Administration offers assistance with and consulting on tax, accounting, finance and auditing.
You can always book an appointment for a non-obligatory conversation regarding your accounts and your needs.

As a customer of Startup Consulting, you can achieve a saving of 15% the first year for the services you buy from AJDO Administration.

Service area: Denmark
Services: Auditing, accounting, bookkeeping, financial advice, Tax and VAT and digitization of documents
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +45 49 49 47 47


Mondo Bogholderi og Regnskab | Vordingborg

We make sure that you and your company get the professional help you need. We offer services within bookkeeping, payroll service, VAT accounting, annual accounts, etc.

Service area: Denmark
Services: Business establishment, bookkeeping, payroll administration, extended tax return and annual accounts
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +45 49 49 47 47

Want to become a Startup Consulting business partner?

Contact Startup Consulting at phone no. +45 93 94 66 50 or send an email at [email protected] and make a partner agreement.

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