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3 easy steps

First step | initial interview

First, You contact Startup Consulting and schedule time for your free, introductory conversation.
At the initial interview, your counselor will find out exactly what you need help with
and what the business plan is to be used for.

You explain your situation and get some questions from your advisor.

You agree on the price of the service and the time for the next
conversation that can start immediately if both you and your counselor have time for it.

step two | the business plan

Through interviews, your counselor receives the necessary information,
which you can contribute to your business plan.

Your advisor conducts research, makes budgets and writes the rest
sections of your business plan.

When the first draft is finished, you will receive it.

Once you have read it and if you are not completely satisfied with it,
you talk to your advisor about it, who then makes changes and a new draft.

It goes on like this until you are 100 per cent satisfied with your business plan,
and you get it only if the satisfactory level is excellent.

third step | the bank and the bank account application

You use your bulletproof business plan and the advice on the business account application,
as a basis for your business account application.

Your advisor will find a number of banks which suit your needs and profile that you should apply to.

Before applying, your advisor will talk to you about how you can do it
easier for banks to approve your application.

The service continues until you have secured the establishment of a business account.


from 3.500 dkk plus vat including business bank application help

price depends on and not limited to

How much you have already written and made

What the amount of work you want to do yourself is

Your type of organization; Employees, company type, organization, etc.

Your industry; size and availability of official surveys

The purpose of the business plan; the bank, the investor or for yourself

business bank account application

get help to optimize and send applications to the banks

Get a guide in the bank industry jungle

Optimize your application

Get rid of the confusion over where to get the information the bank requires

Have your advisor make a list of the banks that match you and your business

So far 100 per cent success rate in banking solutions

what's in it for me?

what you get

A business plan of approx. 15 pages, incl. budgets

A business plan contains many categories, e.g. Personal relationships,
marketing and sales, growth plans, product / service, div. budgets, etc.

Therefore, a business plan can easily fill many pages,
but your advisor will make sure that it does not become too long.

Too many pages often mean that the reader does not bother to read a business plan.

It has to have a nice balance, because it must not be too short either.

Your consultant will make sure to write about all aspects of your business.

Avoid writing the business plan yourself

 Avoid going through all that is confusing when drawing up a business plan

Save lots of time; It can take a long time to write a business plan if you’re not used to writing one

develop your business through consulting

We are not just business plan writer; we are business plan consultants.
This means that you can develop your business and idea by sparring with your consultant

Ask your consultant about all aspects of your business and get great advice

100% satisfaction guarantee

When you get the business plan the first time, it is not the final one.
It’s only the first draft.
Your advisor will continue working until you are 100% satisfied with your business plan.

plan your business

A business plan is not only for the bank, it is also for you

With a business plan, you have an overview and control over all aspects of your business


Through Startup Consulting’s partners, you achieve savings in the thousands of DKK

Do you need an accountant or bookkeeper? Your advisor will find one for you in our network

what do the clients say?

happy clients


answers to your questions

how fast can my business plan be made?

It depends on how much time you and your advisor have available and how quickly you can come up with the necessary information.
It is not uncommon for a business plan to be completed within a few days and under optimal conditions, within a day.

However, sometimes it can take several weeks, even a few months, if it is not urgent for the client.
The most important thing is that the process goes in the pace you prefer.

how fast can i get my business bank account?

Of course, it depends on when your business plan is completed.
Here at Startup Consulting, we can not control the banks, we are very dependent on their processes.

Expect up to a 2-week course depending on many different conditions.

Of course, if you already have an agreement with a bank and only need a business plan, it can go much faster than that.

why is there no fixed and equal price for everyone?

Each task is different from the other. The same is the size of the task.
Fixed and equal price for all is beneficial for many but also unfair for many others.

With an individual price, you get a fair price that is tailored to your situation.

is it possible to meet with you physically?​​

To be able to offer you the best prices, we offer only online consulting.
It makes it possible to effectively use the available timespan.

However, if you demand the physical presence of your consultant,
you will have to pay for transport and stay of the consultant.

how and when do i get my costumer benefits?​ ​

You can, at any time, tell your consultant which benefits you want to get,
after you have paid for your service.

Read more about your benefits.

is it possible for my company to become a part of the costumer benefits?

We are happy to help our customers in any way, including in the marketing area.

As a client of Startup Consulting, your business is automatically qualified to be a part of the costumer benefits.
talk with your consultant about the how and when.

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