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our business partners have some savings for you


3 simple steps

Første trin | Den indlende samtale First step | introductory call

You reach out to Startup Consulting and get your free, introductory conversation.
At the introductory call, your advisor will find out what the issue is with your business account application.

You tell how your business account application is going so far and get some questions from your consultant.

If you have made a business plan, you send it to the consultant,
then the consultant will make an assesment of it.

second step | optimization and bank matching

You send all documentation needed, such as business plan,
personal documents and your company documents,
and your advisor make suggestions of what can be improved and optimized.

It is often required to make it easier for the banks to approve the business bank account application.

Especially, it’s our experience that the business plan is now sufficient to the requirements of the banks.

Hereafter, the consultant will find banks that match your needs and requirements.

third step | business bank account application

You send out applications with the bulletproof advice as a basis.

The consultant’s support continues until you
your business account application is over and have found a solution.


from 4.000 dkk plus vat

the price depends on and not limited to:

Your bank account needs

The corporate type


Your business plan

get your business plan written for you and get the
business bank account application consulting for the same price

Virtually all banks require a business plan from new business,
especially after the advent of the Money Laundering Act and the pandemic crisis.

Avoid writing the business plan yourself and have your consultant write a bulletproof business plan
for your business account application.

You only pay for the business plan consulting and writing.

what's in it for me?

your gains when acquiring the consulting

optimize your application

Banks are hard to persuade nowadays

With the application optimization, you can submit an application
that is hard to refuse

Bank matching

Your consultant will make sure that the banks you send the application to
matches your and your company profile and needs

And thus increasing your chances of getting a business bank account

Get a guide in the bank jungle

The banking industry is a jungle difficult to navigate

Your consultant knows the industry and what the banks require from you

It ensures you the greatest chances of establishing a business bank account

get extra benefits

Through Startup Consulting’s partners, you achieve savings in the thousands of DKK

Do you need an accountant or a bookkeeper?
Using the vast network of Startup Consulting, your consultant will find one for you

the demands of the bank
(and startup consulting)

You need to meet some requirements to be able to get help from Startup Consulting
the Same requirements the banks have


Among other things, your financing must be acquired legally, you must show transparency
and have nothing to hide and be able to show documentation of how you obtained your financing

There must be no hidden co-owners of the company,
if this is the case you have no chance of setting up a business bank account

Startup Consulting has the right to reject anyone who doesn’t comply and follow the laws and rules used in Denmark



Finklusiv helps refugees that live in Denmark with their corporate bank account applications.

It’s hard to open a corporate bank account in Denmark. It creates a barrier to your business ownership dreams. It creates an even greater obstacle if you are a refugee. Therefore, Finklusive help refugees who live in Denmark making their dreams come true by supporting them with their application in collaboration with their bankpartner,  Andelskassen Oikos.

Finklusiv have great experience within financial inclusion, microeconomics and does a fantastic job in that area. Asylum seekers who want to apply for a business account will be referred to Finklusiv.


answers to your questions

how fast can i get my business bank account?

Of course, it depends on when your business plan is completed.
Here at Startup Consulting, we can not control the banks, we are very dependent on their processes.

Expect up to a 2-week course depending on many different conditions.

Of course, if you already have an agreement with a bank and only need a business plan, it can go much faster than that.

why is there no fixed and equal price for everyone?

Each task is different from the other. The same is the size of the task.
Fixed and equal price for all is beneficial for many but also unfair for many others.

With an individual price, you get a fair price that is tailored to your situation.

is it possible to meet with you physically?​​

To be able to offer you the best prices, we offer only online consulting.
It makes it possible to effectively use the available timespan.

However, if you demand the physical presence of your consultant,
you will have to pay for transport and stay of the consultant.

how and when do i get my costumer benefits?​ ​

You can, at any time, tell your consultant which benefits you want to get,
after you have paid for your service.

Read more about your benefits.

is it possible for my company to become a part of the costumer benefits?

We are happy to help our customers in any way, including in the marketing area.

As a client of Startup Consulting, your business is automatically qualified to be a part of the costumer benefits.
talk with your consultant about the how and when.

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