Mission statement


Our biggest task is to help entrepreneurs and the self-employed to realize their business dreams through online services that ensure that customers have an improved idea of their business so that they can move forward with the realization or operation of their dream business. The company solves this by offering the clients advice to the best extent, by having a price level most entrepreneurs can afford and providing service in high quality and at level with the client


Our most important goal is to be the best business consulting company in Denmark, which we will ensure through the following important visions:

  • The highest customer satisfaction in the industry
  • Transparency in an industry that is largely unclear
  • We must be the best partner and thus ensure further cooperation with our network for a long time to come


Competencies: We have the tools and abilities to help our customers with their specific issues
Knowledge: We have the necessary knowledge about everything within business plans
Transparency: there are no hidden elements in the company over the customers and partners
Coorporation: We qork with everyone who can benefit our customers

About Startup Consulting | World class business consulting


Startup Consulting is a full service business plan consulting company focusing on helping entrepreneurs and self-employed businesses.

We help entrepreneurs navigate confusing markets where many compete against each other. You get the best help so you can start and run your business with the very best terms.

Your online advisor can help you start, organize and grow your business through business plan consulting, business account applications, starting your business and personal sparring.

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